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Nobody can share their story better than you can.

Over 1 in 3 women experience some form of domestic abuse in Canada in their lifetime.

If you haven’t experienced it yourself, chances are that you know someone who has. Despite these staggering statistics, these stories are often not shared publicly due to the stigmas and biases that surround this issue. We want to break that.

There isn't anyone who can share your story better than you can. If you have been impacted by domestic abuse in some way, as someone who has experienced it themselves, as a child of someone who has, or even as a donor or community member, this is your call to action. Help us shine a light on the issue and take it out of the darkness.

Listen to our original interview here:


This project would not be possible if it were not for the courage of Monique Cusson, a woman who decided she no longer wanted to stay silent. Through her inspiration, we decided to launch the Story Submission Project.


Read her original story where it all started HERE

To learn more about Monique and or get in touch, visit her website at



Your story doesn’t have to be perfectly written. It doesn’t need to have all the spelling correct and appropriate grammar and punctuation.

What matters is your lived experience. It can be a line, a paragraph, or even a few pages.

We just want to hear your experience expressed in your own words.

Please choose one of the following:


  • By submitting the above information, I agree that I am solely responsible and liable for the personal content I share about others besides myself that may appear in association of the story.

  • By submitting the above information, I agree that the information provided is accurate and truthful.

  • By submitting the above information, I authorize the Kelowna Women’s Shelter representatives to use the information submitted, either partially or completely, both electronic and printed, for the purposes of exhibition, distribution, promotion, advertising, press conferences, meetings, hearings, educational conferences, and in brochures and other print media. This permission shall continue forever unless I revoke such permission in writing to the Kelowna Women’s Shelter.

  • By submitting the above information, I hereby waive the right to receive any payment or compensation for agreeing to this release and waive the right to receive payment or compensation for Kelowna Women’s Shelter’s use of any material described above for any of the purposes authorized by this release. I also waive any right to inspect or approve any printed matter or electronic media that may be used in conjunction with the submitted information.

  • By submitting the above information to the Kelowna Women’s Shelter, I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing and I fully understand the contents.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact our Resource Development Coordinator at 

Thank you for submitting your story! A confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided. Together with you, we hope to end the cycle of abuse in our community. If you feel that you have been affected at all by any of the content on this page and need help, please call the BC Mental Health Support Line at 310-6789 (no area code required). If you have any questions or concerns about your story submission, please contact us at

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