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Past Campaigns

Take a look at some of our previous campaigns and events.

Nov 1, 2023
Nov 30, 2023

Purple Ribbon Campaign 2023

Purple Ribbon Month 2023

Nov 13, 2023
Oct 19, 2023

Tim Hortons Holiday Smile Cookie Campaign

From November 13 - 19, Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners will be supporting local charities and community groups across Canada. Guests who purchase a freshly baked Holiday Smile Cookie will be donating to these great causes with 100% of proceeds being donated!

Sep 28, 2023
Oct 30, 2023

Feminist Horror Festival

Feminist Horror Festival - a month of terrifying delights including talks, film, art, and more


Comedy for a Cause

Indulge in an evening of laughter, compassion, and community as Bridgeport Floors proudly presents Comedy for a Cause for the Kelowna Women's Shelter Thrift Store at Dakoda's Comedy Lounge.


Hidden in Plain Sight - Gaslighting Campaign

She could be a friend. With you, she’s the life of the party. At home, she’s afraid to speak. She always makes you laugh, but he tells her she’s not funny. She’s loud and outgoing and her positivity is contagious, but he always tells her she ruined his night. She’s always honest with you, but he calls her a liar every day. So she hides. Because what would you think if she told you?


Hidden in Plain Sight - Intimidation Campaign

She could be your server With you, she’s pleasant and friendly. At home, she keeps to herself. She loves being around people all day, but he doesn’t like it when she has friends over. She looks fantastic in that dress, but he didn’t let her leave the house in the one she was wearing before. She treats you like you’re family, but she can’t talk to her mom on the phone without him listening in. So she hides. Because who is left for her to tell?


Hidden in Plain Sight - Manipulation Campaign

She could be your boss. With you, she walks with confidence. At home, she walks on eggshells. She's running a business., but he says she's bad with money. She signs your paycheque, but he doesn't let her spend her own. She's the best mentor you've ever had, but he tells her she's a burden. So she hides. Because what would you think if you knew?


Hidden in Plain Sight - Humiliation Campaign

She could be your Neighbour. When you see her in the street, she’s friendly. At home, she feels friendless. She always takes the time to say hello, but he doesn’t think she spends enough time with him. She goes for a run every morning, but the only time she gets to herself is before he wakes up. She’s always laughing at his jokes at the block party, but you see her grimace just a little when the joke is at her expense. So she hides, because what would he do if she left?


Hidden in Plain Sight - Indignity Campaign

She could be a mom. With you, she’s caring and generous. At home, she can't do anything right. She never misses a PTA meeting, but he calls her a bad mother. She always brings the best appies to the party, but last week he smashed a plate because his food was cold. There’s nothing she can’t do on her own, but he threatens to take the kids if she tries to leave. So she hides. Because what would he do if she told you?


Hidden in Plain Sight - Control Campaign

She could be someone you admire. Online, she’s picture perfect. At home, she’s never good enough. You see her long list of followers, but you don’t see him comparing her to other women. You see her hitting the gym, but you don’t see him driving her there, even when she doesn’t want to go. You see her healthy-looking meals, but you don’t see him counting her calories. So she hides, because who would she be without him?


Hidden in Plain Sight - Loneliness Campaign

He could be your student. With you, he’s out of control. At home, he feels powerless. You hear him calling the girls names, but you don’t know that what he hears at home is worse. He can’t seem to understand long division, but his mom’s attention has been divided for so long he can’t remember the last time she helped him with his homework. He throws a fit when he doesn’t get his way, but his dad does it too, so why can’t he? So he hides his pain, because he doesn’t know what else to do.


Hidden in Plain Sight - Shame Campaign

She could be your best player. With you, she’s strong and silent. At home, she feels weak and helpless. She never misses practice, even though nobody ever seems to drop her off or pick her up. She always wears a long sleeve under her jersey, so you don’t see the finger-shaped bruises she’s covering up. She sometimes seems reluctant to go home after practice, but she knows if she told you why, she and her little brother could get taken away and separated —and she can never let that happen again. So she hides, because nobody would ever understand if she told them.


The Stories Project: ART Event

On August 19, 2022 we held our first annual Stories Project Art Event, at the Vibrant Vine Winery in Kelowna, B.C. We took segments from stories submitted by survivors of domestic abuse and gave them to artists to interpret into the medium of their choice.


Hidden in Plain Sight

Kelowna Women’s Shelter supports women and children currently experiencing or at risk of abuse.


2022 Purple Ribbon Campaign

Purple Ribbon Month—formally known as Domestic Violence Awareness Month—is an opportunity for organizations such as KWS to raise awareness and educate the public on the prevalence of domestic violence.

Abuse is never okay.
Asking for help is.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need us.
Our support team is on duty 24/ 7 and ready to help.

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