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Who We Are

Kelowna Women's Shelter is a safe place of refuge for women and their children, and serves Kelowna and surrounding area boundaried by Peachland and Oyama.

"This place is a gift to ALL that need a safe place to stay."

History of Caring

Since 1980, the Central Okanagan Emergency Shelter Society (operated as the Kelowna Women’s Shelter) has offered safe emergency accommodation and essentials such as food, clothing and toiletries for women and their children who have experienced domestic abuse. Serving women in need from Oyama to Peachland, we also provide, at no cost:
- Ongoing individual and group domestic abuse support
- Planning and transportation assistance
- Advocacy and outreach
- Preventive education programs for both women and children. 

All Kelowna Women’s Shelter services, programs, and supports are free, confidential and available 24/7. The Shelter is a member of the British Columbia Society of Transition Houses, Ending Violence Association of British Columbia, Shelter Net BC, and Women's Shelters Canada. Read our full list of programs and services, and you can learn more about how you can help.

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Our Mission

Helping women and children live in safe
and equitable communities free from abuse.

Our Vision

Break the cycle of Domestic Abuse.

Core Values

Feminist / Women-Centred

​We acknowledge that women and those who self-identify as women have lived different experiences, and we understand that systemic inequality exists. We practice from principles based on equity and equality to counter the impacts of oppression and control.


​Committed to researching and delivering evidence-based programs and practices to support staff and help reduce women’s vulnerability.


​We share knowledge, foster positive relationships, and seek input and contributions from internal and external partners.


We believe women are the experts in their own lives and should have control over all of the decisions which impact them. We do not impose actions on women, but strive to provide choice and encouragement.


​Safety is the fundamental principle of the work we do, and it informs every decision we make. We strive to ensure women and children feel emotionally and physically safe during their stay with us.


​We are leaders in the fight to end domestic abuse by demonstrating consistency between our actions, values, and practices.

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Meet Our Amazing Team

Get to know our amazing team of people making a difference.

Hana Cairns

Manager, Partnerships and Communications

Michelle Dickie

Executive Director

Sam Overton

Director of Finance

Anita McGee

Manager, Human Resources

Alejandra Campos

Building Manager

Carole Hunter

Manager, Thrift Store

Avril Mclauchlan

Manager, Programs - Kelowna

Zandile Moyo

Manager, Programs - West Kelowna

Annual Reports

We value transparency. Read about our work, successes and goals in our annual reports.

Abuse is never okay.
Asking for help is.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need us.
Our support team is on duty 24/ 7 and ready to help.

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