3 Ways to Acknowledge International Women’s Day

3 Ways to Acknowledge International Women’s Day

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievements while also recognizing the challenges they continue to face. As an organization dedicated to ending domestic abuse, we believe acknowledging this day is crucial in creating awareness, empowerment, and change. Here are three ways you can recognize this important day.  

  1. Raise Awareness on Domestic Abuse

International Women’s Day provides a platform to shed light on the very real issue of domestic abuse. In Canada, approximately 44% of women have or will experience some form of intimate partner violence. In the Central Okanagan, that number equates to just under 50,0000 women.  

To help spread awareness with your network, learn what support is available to women in your community who have experienced domestic abuse. For women in the Central Okanagan, they can call our 24/7 help line and get support when they need it, where they need it. Support doesn’t just mean emergency housing: it can mean access to our Outreach Services, our PEACE program for children and youth aged 3-18, or accessing vouchers for our Thrift Store to shop for clothing and small household items following leaving the abusive environment.  

  1. Educate Your Network

Knowledge is key to prevention. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to educate yourself and those around you about domestic abuse. 67% of Canadians know a woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse. When we know more, we can do more.  

On March 8th, challenge yourself to learn about domestic abuse and the steps you can take to help those who experience it get the support they deserve. Our website has a page dedicated entirely to resources including information for Victim Assistance Programs, Family Law, and testifying in criminal court. Whether these resources are for yourself, or someone you know, they can provide an early step in making the decision to leave.  

  1. Celebrate Women’s Achievements

Recognizing and appreciating the strength and resilience of women helps counteract the narrative of victimization associated with domestic abuse. To celebrate the resiliency of women who have experienced domestic abuse in our communities, we are hosting Stories & Art: No Longer Hidden, presented by Odlum Brown, on March 8th, the perfect way to celebrate IWD.  

Twenty-one stories of domestic abuse were shared by women and given to local artists who created works of art in the medium of their choice. The stories are portrayed as paintings, poems, songs, or spoken word. All interpretations will be shared at the event, allowing attendees the opportunity to take in art from local artists while gaining an understanding of the resilience of domestic abuse survivors in our community. This beautiful event in honour of International Women’s Day will be inspiring and thought-provoking, while also raising awareness of the very real issue of domestic abuse in our community.  Learn more & get your tickets here.  

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