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She could be your boss.

With you, she walks with confidence. At home, she walks on eggshells.

She's running a business., but he says she's bad with money.

She signs your paycheque, but he doesn't let her spend her own.

She's the best mentor you've ever had, but he tells her she's a burden.

So she hides. Because what would you think if you knew?

One of the most prolific assumptions we come across in our fight to end domestic abuse is the belief that women who are financially well-off or successful in their careers are not at risk. In other words, it is commonly believed that only women of lower socioeconomic status are the only ones susceptible to the consequences of domestic abuse.

This belief is, unfortunately, partially a result of how statistics are collected by Women’s Shelters across the country. As most women who seek emergency shelter services do so due to the consequences of poverty, a lack of access to financial resources, or an absence of personal connection to family and friends who can offer assistance, it is often assumed that these are the only women that experience domestic abuse.

This, however, is NOT the case. Domestic abuse can come in many forms including emotional, psychological, sexual, digital, and economic/financial abuse, but this does not mean that each instance of abuse looks the same. Although some women may need physical shelter services, our Outreach team often is tasked with going out into the community to help women of a wide range of backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.

The journey of leaving domestic abuse is never a one-size-fits-all experience. As this week’s character represents, having a successful career, being a high-earner, or being an active member of your community is not a protection against becoming a victim. Domestic abuse does not discriminate.

And it is Hidden in Plain Sight.


Help us bring these hidden Domestic Abuse issues into sight….donate today!

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