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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

She could be a friend.

With you, she’s the life of the party. At home, she’s afraid to speak.

She always makes you laugh, but he tells her she’s not funny.

She’s loud and outgoing and her positivity is contagious, but he always tells her she ruined his night.

She’s always honest with you, but he calls her a liar every day.

So she hides. Because what would you think if she told you?

A common misconception of Domestic Abuse is that physical violence needs to occur for it to be present; the thought is that if a woman is not physically abused by her partner, then Domestic Abuse has not occurred.

This could not be farther from the truth. Domestic Abuse at its core is not about physical violence but rather about control. Control over a woman’s ability to make choices, think for themselves, act as they choose, and do what they like. Because of this, Domestic Abuse takes many forms such as Financial Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, and Emotional Abuse to name a few.

Gaslighting, as depicted in this week’s character above, is just one example of this more covert form of abuse and falls under the category of Emotional Abuse. In this situation, an abuser will utilize manipulation tactics to discredit or confuse their partner, resulting in the woman questioning their capabilities and judgments of reality, ultimately building an overall sense of powerlessness.

A woman can be a completely different person around her friends compared to her partner, which is why this form of abuse can often go unnoticed by friends and coworkers. This altered behaviour is a product of an abuser’s gaslighting.

And it is Hidden in Plain Sight.


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